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  • What is FIZAD?
    FIZAD was developed to assist business owners and individuals who want more out of their marketing and advertising efforts by providing advertisers, business owners, and users in general with the most creative and efficient campaign platform on the internet. FIZAD allows subscribers to create and promote campaigns that boost the awareness of their business products, service solutions, and entrepreneurial ideas. Or FIZAD can create one for you. What Is an Online Campaign? An online campaign, or online advertising, uses the internet to deliver your marketing messages to potential consumers. Why use FIZAD's Online Campaign? Our marketing technique includes email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and the ability to display promotional advertisements in front of a wide audience. FIZAD makes the online experience more engaging, allowing users to customize their own personalized Advertisement, target their specific audience, remove and replace Advertisements - all this at a low rate. FIZAD's online campaign can be launched efficiently reaching large online communities. Many of the campaigns we handle are promotional deals, discounts, promotional products, business solutions, personal positions, self-advertising, and political points of view. FIZAD online ads can be edited, changed, and removed depending on your marketing needs more quickly than standard forms of advertising. Ads can be customized to fit a particular user base. In other words, FIZAD can respond to your changing needs and circumstances.
  • What Are the Advantages of a FIZAD subscription?
    FIZAD provides the capacity to network with like-minded people, share or exchange innovative concepts through FIZAD's platform that promotes creativity and community. FIZAD offers each subscriber a systematic model that allows subscribers to promote, engage, and build their business. As a FIZAD subscriber, you are not alone. FIZAD provides tools to help you pinpoint the target market to effectively generate not only new quality leads for your business but ultimately higher sales. FIZAD promotes its subscribers. All registered subscribers can purchase a featured Campaign Ad that will be displayed on FIZAD's Top Banner of the Website. Not only will the Ad's position on the site generate excitement for the subscriber but its prime location will draw attention to the business products and services. All Ads posted on the FIZAD website will be promoted and shared via social media ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Countdown Ads can also be used.
  • What does each FIZAD subscription plan offer?
    BASIC PLAN allows uploading of your ad to the FIZAD platform. This ad will be available to searchers using the standard search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo. Subscription price includes Countdown Ads. What does the BASIC Plan provide? 1. Normal ad upload 2. Countdown Ad BASIC PLUS PLAN includes the BASIC program features plus extended exposure on an additional featured banner platform. Subscription price includes Countdown Ads.A BASIC PLUS annual subscription provides subscribers access to the embedded code to identify who has visited their site. What separates the BASIC PLUS Plan from the BASIC Plan? 1. Normal ad upload PLUS Feature Banner 2. Extended Exposure 3. Access to the embedded code to identify site visitors PREMIUM PLAN includes the BASIC and BASIC PLUS subscription features and the additional benefit of being featured on a pop-up program. Additionally, annual subscriptions at the PREMIUM level are provided one professionally designed ad at no additional cost to the subscriber. Subscription price includes Countdown Ads. Subscribers for the Basic Plus or annual subscription plan will have their ads and placing ads on medium and high traffic websites. A PREMIUM annual subscription will provide subscribers access to the embedded code to help promote service and to identify who has visited their site. What separates the PREMIUM PLAN from the BASIC and BASIC PLUS plans? 1. Normal ad and Feature Banner upload PLUS Popup Ad upload 2. Extended exposure 3. Access to the embedded code to identify site visitors 4. Placement of ads on medium and high traffic websites
  • What do FIZAD's Subscription Plans cost?
    What do FIZAD’s Subscription Plans cost? • BUSINESS PLUS Subscription Plan (includes BASIC features) o 30 day Featured banner subscription $ 59.95 o 90 day Featured Banner subscription $ 169.95 o Annual price when paid in full – includes $ 503.58 • BUSINESS ANNUAL Pop-up Plan (includes BASIC PLUS featured banner) o 30 day Pop-up subscription $ 79.95 o 90 day Pop-up subscription $ 229.95 o Annual price when paid in full - 30% discount – $ 671.58 • PERSONAL Subscription Plan o 1 day renewable $ .99 o 7 day renewable $ 1.99 o 30 day renewable $ 2.99 o 90 day Regular $ 3.99 o Annual price when paid in full includes $ 9.99 • PERSONAL PLUS Subscription Plan (includes BASIC features) o 30 day Featured banner subscription $ 59.95 o 90 day Featured Banner subscription $ 79.95 o Annual price when paid in full – includes $ 229.95. • PERSONAL ANNUAL Pop-up Plan (includes BASIC PLUS featured) o 30 day Pop-up subscription $ 79.95 o 90 day Pop-up subscription $ 179.95 o Annual price when paid in full - 30% discount – $ 399.95 • Fun one minute pop-up – surprise your friends! at $.99
  • When I subscribe to FIZAD, do I have access to I have access to my embedded codes?
    Annual subscribers and 90-day subscribers of the BASIC-PLUS, or PREMIUM Subscription Plans may take possession of their Ad’s embedded code to help promote their personal or business Ad. Annual subscribers may embed their Ad’s code to any of their social media sites or applications. No annual subscriber is limited to any one social media site to help promote their posts or ads. The traffic that you generate from your Ad on FIZAD's site benefits you and FIZAD, LLC.
  • What is a Countdown Ad?
    FIZAD promote business deals and promotions with our Countdown Ads. Registered subscribers can purchase any ad or upload an already created Ad for a limited time. The ad will expire at a set time which will help business owners create urgency. Just imagine creating an Ad with a 50% off promotion and a countdown set to 5 minutes. Once the Ad fizzles out the promotion is over. The Countdown tool will help boost sales and brand awareness.
  • What is the FIZAD Store?
    A unique feature that FIZAD offers its subscribers is the FIZAD Store. All registered BASIC, BASIC-PLUS, and PREMIUM subscribers can shop from our FIZAD Store. Users must be registered on the site to purchase items from the store. Our Policy protects FIZAD from unauthorized purchases to avoid scams. All items that have been purchased through FIZAD's secure payment portal will be shipped to the purchaser once payment has been posted to FIZAD. FIZAD will ship to the address listed on subscriber's registration page. Subscribers who purchase from the FIZAD site will have 30 days to return purchased items. Purchaser pays return shipping fees. All Items must be returned in the same condition as when purchased. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information.
  • What if I do not have an Ad but want to advertise with FIZAD?
    FIZAD's design team will create an Ad for your personal or business account.
  • What if I do not have a website, but want a website?
    If your company needs a website, the FIZAD Design team can produce an attractive and professional website for your business. Contact stating what you need. Include a phone number and a representative will contact you to discuss your needs and pricing. FIZAD also allows subscribers to upload their own business or personal Ads to be viewed by all subscribers. Subscribers can click on an Ad to view more details about the business or individual offer. Subscribers can also click on the Ad to email or contact the poster for more detailed information or purchasing options.
  • What is the FIZAD Affiliate Program?
    FIZAD's new program, FIZAD Affiliate, can be beneficial to the small business owner whose business is to help post Ads at multiple websites and generate leads. FIZAD Affiliate clearly relates to the need for leads as our company profits from those companies who, like us, need to build strong relationships to generate business. As a FIZAD Affiliate seeking to post at multiple websites, you will have access to professional Ads for posting. These Ads are used as promotional tools to promote product information, services, opinions, messages, or daily promotional discounts. FIZAD Affiliate's program will help you create a revenue stream that you can ride all the way to the bank. In order for FIZAD Affiliate to provide this type of assistance, we need to know the answers to these qualifying questions: 1. Do you own your own website, eCommerce site, blog, or landing page? 2. Do you have access to your internet site's backend and are you able to upload or post to your sites? 3. Do You have immediate contact with other internet business owners who allow you to post Ads on their internet sites? 4. Do you have access to other internet business owner's backend accounts? NOTE: Any form of spamming is prohibited and will not be tolerated. In order to be paid for FIZAD Affiliate services, the electronic sites used for posting must be legitimate and approved by FIZAD prior to payment. If you answered "yes" to two or more above questions then we recommend the FIZAD Affiliate program. As FIZAD Affiliates are paid for each verified upload. The FIZAD Affiliate will provide a list of the websites and FIZAD will determine the rate paid for each Ad placement. The more traffic the site generate the more money each Ad placement will be paid. Once the price has been issued, a code will be sent to the FIZAD AFFILIATE who then has 7 days to upload Ads to each of the listed websites. If Ads are not posted to the listed websites correctly or within the 7-day timeframe, the FIZAD Affiliates account will be terminated.
  • How Many Ads Do You Have To Upload?
    Once you have registered you will be taken to the "Add New Ads" page, and it is there where you will need to upload a minimum of two (2) Ads to become live. You will upload a normal Ad which the dimensions are (500x810)and a featured Ad which is (Size:762X320). We ask for these two ads sizes to accommodate our system and to make the transition from normal ad to featured easier. Please note, If you attempt to upload any ad that does not meet the size requirements your submission will fail. Also, make sure to fill out all form information with your required registration information.