There are two types of users that occupy space on our innovative platform. There are the freelancers and the customers. The freelancers are the service providers that are considered the experts in their field that client/customer seek out. The second user would be considered the customer or client. They single-mindedly browse the site in search of experts who can solve a problem, quickly, efficiently, at the best rate possible.
FIZAD’s platform will guarantee attention to those freelancers that promote consistently on and off the site, provide a portfolio of works and most competitive rates. The most crucial attractor would be the location of the provider. It is very important that all contact details are up to date and authentic. The quickest way to defame your company’s name is by providing false information.
Like the contractor, the client will be asked to submit credentials and other specifications to assist with boosting their chance of a perfect match. FIZAD provides each client with the necessary tools to firmly close the deal, but it is the client’s sincerity and openness that will help streamline the project from start to finish.
There are two types of members who will do business on FIZAD. The first type of member is the provider. The provider will pay a monthly rate in order to maintain credentials on FIZAD and utilize all the promotional tools the platform has to offer them and their clients. The membership fee amount is determined by the length of time they plan on promoting and doing business on FIZAD. Generally, it may take a provider up to a month to start making connections and making their very first transaction. By the end of the third month, transactions are flowing and business is booming as expected. Therefore, there is a set amount that must be paid by the provider every three months. See payment plan here.
It is free to set up an account and make connections, however, there are some features that are available if you “Upgrade.” Upgraded Membership costs either $4.99 / month for a 1-year plan; $9.99 / month for a 6-month plan; and $11.99 / month for a 3-month plan; a single month plan is our most popular plan, which is a one-time payment of $14.99
The only premium feature a paying client will have access to is the “Posting of Jobs.” Clients may post an unlimited amount of jobs to the “Inbox” within their paid period.
FIZAD makes its money just like our designers, one member at a time. We do not take percentages from any job that is matched on our site. Who benefits from that? The freelancers do! We are in the business of making connections. We are similar to a dating website; our clients pay a monthly membership fee and hope for a perfect match. We do not take any percentages from transactions or take our share of the cut. But, because we are in the business of making money, we charge our members minimally for premium features, like posting of jobs.
Yes! FIZAD is still free. Messaging, matches, searching, and all the site’s most popular features are completely free and always will be!
All providers can opt-in and gain access to the “lead box” for a small monthly fee of $14.99 / month for a year plan; $19.99 / month for a 6 month plan; $24.99 for a 3 month plan; a single month plan is our most popular plan, which is a one-time payment of $29.99.
Please find more information about your current upgrade here. You can always contact us and we will assist you promptly.
Typically, freelancers prefer to be paid based on milestones or conditions agreed upon between client and provider. This decision in ultimately up to those who are doing business together. It is also important to discuss and agree on an online payment system, notably, PayPal. This very popular payment system has a good reputation for sending and receiving payments for a minimal fee. This is not the only payment system available, but whichever you agree upon, be sure to discuss only those systems that have added measures to protect both the sender and receiver. We recommend you do research prior to making any type of suggestion.