About Us

FIZAD allows its users to browse top freelancers in every category. GEEK It, or Not, we believe anyone who is skillful, adept, experienced, and trained in a specific area that can provide a valuable service to others when needed, can be beneficial to someone who is unskillful or not as adept. In other words, FIZAD is all about assisting small business owners so they can turn desire into cash, online.

No longer does the definition of FIZAD only apply or pertain to GEEKS who build websites with awesome graphics, it now applies to the 70-year-old photographer whose steady hand takes breathtaking photos of moss growing. Our members include Web Developers, Mobile Developers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Writers, Illustrators, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Home Decorators, Attorneys, Doctors, etc.


FIZAD is the expert in all things awesome. Our home is a central forum that assists other providers with doing business as independent contractors or freelancers. FIZAD’s mission is to employ with ease and allow experts to gain access to thousands of like-minded individuals who are looking for a community that offers exposure, contacts, and an outlet to make a lot of money.


There are similar sites like ours out there. One thing is for sure, freelancers are born hustlers who never rely on one channel of income.

This is why we will not bound you to just our site, feel free to continue using other outlets. We will continue improving our platform so you continue counting on us to better your chances of making meaningful contacts. The fishbowl has much fish in it, but the most aggressive fish always leaves with a belly full.